Authentic Korean

Trying out a foreign cuisine is always an adventure and nothing brings us closer to another culture than experiencing its food.

Bibigo was established to enable people from around the world to discover everything about Korean food and to nourish culinary and cultural appetites.

For over two thousand years, Korean cuisine has evolved together with its people, environment and philosophy. And, for over 60 years we have studied and perfected the synergy between gastronomy and nature, creating healthy, enjoyable and simple foods that mark authentic taste but modern Korean cuisine.



‘BIBIM’, a culture of sharing

The notion of ‘bibim’ reflects the Korean value of a collective lifestyle, where good fortune is shared, and new things are embraced.

‘Bibim’ is omnipresent in Korean traditions, in the helping hands during harvest seasons, in the passing of ‘bibimbap’ bowls among royals and commoners, and in the memories shared over food on special days.

Bibim is our way of sharing, intermingling, bonding, and creating balance.

Fresh seasonal greens become healthier when combined with the art of fermentation.

And a Korean meal is perfected when rice, soup, and side dishes come together on a dining table.

As such, ‘Bibim’ results in synergy in food.

Korean food mirrors the openness of our culture, the way we understand differences and embrace the unfamiliar while welcoming what is new.

Bibigo integrates our modern values with Korea’s distinctive culinary tradition to offer a new lifestyle. We are eager to share with the world the philosophy of ‘bibim’ through Bibigo products and restaurants that represent the essence of Korea’s unique flavour and style.


The Korean Charcoal Grill

Charcoal helps to combine rich, smoky flavour with different types of meats carefully marinated in traditional Korean sauces for the best barbecue taste. Experience the unforgettable flavour of Korean barbecue at Bibigo.



The secret behind Korean flavour

The essential Korean secret for seasoning and balanced nutrition is hidden in a spoonful of ‘Jang (fermented pastes and sauces).’ There is an old saying in Korea that the cooking of a family is defined by jang, as it lays the foundation of Korean flavours. Jang in Korean food is so important that traditionally families carefully guarded their own recipes and prepared jang only on a special day chosen for the occasion. Jang is fermented slowly at low temperature, giving it a deep savory taste from the natural forces at work during the process. The healthful properties of jang include the strengthening of the immune system and anti-aging.

Fermentation is also used to make Kimchi, Korea’s symbolic and fabled side dish. The fermentation process preserves the vegetable without destroying its nutritional qualities and actually enhancing flavour. And as you would expect, Bibigo proudly incorporates our own fermented jang and kimchi into many of the dishes and products we offer.

We have carefully selected the best of Korean cuisine to offer you healthy, fresh and authentic food


Private dining

Bibigo Soho have private dining rooms. Whether you are looking to hold a private celebration, a business lunch, dinner or a corporate event, Bibigo will design a menu for the occasion and our team will assist with any special requirements.

Private dining at Soho

We will be pleased to serve you at our restaurant